Manufacturer's Solution Alliance
Superior Essex
Superior Essex is the industry leader in outside plant copper communications wire and cable products, which are used for voice and data transmission and are installed outdoors. We also manufacture and supply fiber optic cables and premises copper cables, which are installed within houses and offices. These fiber and copper cable products are used in communications applications, such as interconnecting campuses, businesses and communities.
Cablofil - Legrand
Legrand/Cablofil is the world's most specified cable tray with decades of experience in the industry. Each of our cable tray lines is designed for maximum flexibility and expandability that help installers finish projects faster, reducing cost, while supporting cables better.
Tripp-Lite is a leading manufacturer of true on-line, line interactive, and standby UPS products. Other products offered are power management products, surge supressors, KVM switches and monitors, and power inverters
Fluidmesh Networks is the worldwide leader in wireless systems for security, industrial, and mission-critical applications. Its range of solutions covers point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and mesh networks with an unparalleled level of reliability, flexibility, and ease of use. The company is focused on the development of top-quality wireless products for security, video-surveillance, condition monitoring and data communication in large areas at risk.
Only Available in MSA-North
Gai-Tronics is a leading provider of specialty Emergency Phones for parking lots, building access, clean rooms, and other diverse applications. They are also a provider of campus public address systems.
Only Available in MSA-North
Since 1992, Quiktron has provided quality cable connectivity solutions to datacomm and telecommunication industries throughout North America. We now provide solutions for Audio Visual and Data Center markets. The Rapid Run Solution is a cornerstone of the many innovative products Quiktron offers.
Designed by industry professionals, for industry professionals. The ultimate labeling solutions for telecom and electrical identifications.
Only available in MSA-South
SureCall is the multi-patented, award-winning performance leader for cell phone signal boosters. Combining top-quality materials, powerfully innovative product designs, and industry-leading service and support, SureCall has given mobile device users access to reliable cellular signals in homes, offices, and vehicles. SureCall's FCC-approved boosters support data and cellular signals for all North American carriers.

  Ortronics - Legrand
One of the pioneers in the structured cabling industry, Ortronics offers complete, channel compliant solutions including Mighty Mo and the Trac Jack and Series II faceplate offering. Also offered are wireless, fiber optic, and rack and runway products.
Wiremold - Legrand
Wiremold offers many diverse product families including perimeter raceway systems, floor boxes, electrical and A/V poke throughs, power poles, and power management products.
ERICO/CADDY is a premier manufacturer of engineered products designed for diverse niche applications in the data, electrical, mechanical, commercial and industrial, rail and utility markets. Headquartered in Solon, Ohio, USA, ERICO has a sales network serving more than 25 countries, with manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide. The CADDY line features over 700 products for conduit/cable, beam/purlin, stud wall, drywall, ceiling and acoustical applications.
Only Available in MSA-North
Porta Systems Corp. - Security, t/Data
Porta Systems provides CO line protection products for telephone and data building entry points. Protectors include gas tube and solid state types. Also included is a complete line of protectors and baluns for security cameras and DVRs.
Softing offers WireXpert, a copper and fiber certifier that supports cabling standards through Cat8. Adapters include 5e/6/6A Channel and Permanent link; M12; Patchcord; Barewire; VNA; Single-Mode; Encircled Flux Multi-Mode and MPO
Only Available in MSA-North
Viavi designs and manufactures products for optical communications networks, communications test and measurement equipment, lasers, optical solutions for authentication and decorative applications, and other custom optics.
Only available in MSA-South
Fiber Fox
Rugged and durable core alignment and ribbon splicers with three year manufacturers' warranty
Specializes in lighting controls and commercial building IoT applications, creating beautiful environments through intelligent applications.
Lencore audio system solutions for sound masking, paging, audio and mass notification and emergency communication (MNEC).
Only available in MSA-South